IIS – The Driving Force Behind Windows Hosting

Microsoft Windows, even though competitors have come and gone, is still the most used OS available.  The Windows platform continues to be used the most in homes and businesses. This platform as a server environment is gaining momentum and Windows hosting is being lauded for the power and functionality it offers.

The Internet Information Server is the driving force behind Windows web hosting.  It is a Microsoft derived server technology that is comprised of a group of servers that includes an FTP server and an HTTP server.  This framework is designed specifically for utilizing Microsoft technologies such as the Windows 2000 Server and the Windows NT operating system.  The development of ISS allowed Microsoft to compete with other server solutions by O’Reilly, Sun Microsystems and Apache.  IIS ensures faster response times because it is directly integrated with the Windows operating system.

IIS is not the only Windows supported application and as such, the Windows solution for hosting is best because Microsoft technologies, which grow more sophisticated every year, making the platform more secure, stable and functional.

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