HostMonster Review – HostMonster is Not Suitable for Everyone

Before you read any HostMonster review, you should always consider what you want your website for. HostMonster only has one plan and it is simply not suitable for some needs. You have to remember that you are on a shared server so you will not get the full use of the server that you are on.

HostMonster is generally a website hosting site for those personal accounts or for small businesses. You need to run more client-side programming rather than server-side programming so that you do not use more than your allocated 25 percent of the server that you are one.

It is not great for those who gain a lot of traffic or those who want their website for e-commerce uses. E-commerce will need the use of shopping carts and links to sites such as PayPal, which HostMonster is not able to cope with. You will need to look at another website hosting site if you are looking at using your website for this reason.

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