Benefits of Making Your Own Drupal Themes

If you are good at CSS and HTML coding, you may consider making your own templates. Did you know that you can submit your themes to be used on Drupal? There are many benefits to submitting your theme for Drupal’s approval.

The main benefit of having Drupal themes out on the market is that your name will be included with them. There are many companies and web developers who will look at the name of a template that they like the look of. This would be used as a way to make yourself known for business. You can also include these templates as part of your resume when you are applying for jobs.

If you are a freelance web designer, you could also use the themes as a way to show what you are capable of. This will help you to gain more work so that you can become successful in your field. At the same time, you will see your work being used by thousands of other websites.

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