The Home Screen of a cPanel Hosting

Access buttons and applications for the cPanel functions are found at the cPanel home screen. The cPanel hosting site provides links to these functions that include Switch Theme, Switch Account, Notices, Help, Logout, Trademarks, The Stats Menu, The Server Status Page, Find, Frequently Accessed Areas, and The Preference Links. These easy access buttons make web site management easier using cPanel. The Switch Theme provides the framework of the cPanel interface. Themes that can be used by the web owner depend on the web host’s configuration. Switch Account, on the other hand, allows users with more than one account to go to every account and manage the settings for that account. Important messages sent by the web host are shown in the Notices function. Meanwhile, the help button is a very helpful function for users who use cPanel for the first time. It has video tutorials and full interface documentation and gives users the link to their customer support team. In the stats menu, users can see how much of their web site’s resources such, as memory, have been used.


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